About Carol

What I can say about myself is probably not as important as what there is to say about the world and the culture, and our place or lack of place in it. Oh, sure I’ve done a thing or two, worn a few different hats, learned some things I hope. I’ve been a photographer, a geologist, civil engineer, environmental activist, screenwriter, nature writer, vagabond traveler. Jack of many trades. Master of a few, maybe.

I’m moved to make sense of things, or maybe shine a light upon things that make no sense. There is so much going on, much of it not good, much of it crazy, or just downright mystifying. I’m not done yet with the things I want to do on this planet. I think it’s worth trying to change the world even if you are butting your head up against powers greater than we can imagine. If you don’t speak up and say what your world view is no one else is going to do it for you.

We have some strange ideas in this culture about who should be doing what and when. And once you reach a certain age the culture pretty much stops telling stories that have anything to do with your life. What that age is can’t be said for certain. Probably by forty you’ve reached it, maybe sooner. Think about it, you could live to ninety, at forty you have more than half your life left to live, but you probably won’t be feeling the love anymore from the culture.

By sixty five you’re supposed to be done in the work force and sit back in your rocking chair or take off in your RV and sit in some sunny clime somewhere in your lawn chair enjoying the endless bliss of nothingness. Get real. We Americans with our so-called work ethic have not taken more than a two-week vacation our entire adult lives. No wonder so many people drop dead within a year of retiring. 

Maybe this society-encouraged retirement scenario sounds nice when you are twenty five and stuck in a demoralizing job you hate but the reality is, you never stop feeling the need to strive and accomplish something. You never stop feeling the need to be part of things, to be useful, respected. You never stop needing to feel like you matter.

Whatever the culture’s idea is about how things should go after a certain age, I know better. I have other plans. If you feel so inclined, hang around for the discussion about popular culture, politics, current events, and finding meaning and a place in the world at any age.


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